Spending a conference in HOLLYWOOD!! …Florida

We watched storms roll over the coast from our hotel room balcony. Not too shabby Hollywood!

The hills is all we know HOLLYWOOD, *Florida !

Hollywood, Florida is a small beach town just 20 minutes outside of Fort Lauderdale. Before attending a conference in Hollywood – we drove out a day early to enjoy a night out in Fort Lauderdale. It started off with Jenelle trying the electric scooters for the first time. Let’s just say, it would have been faster to walk…

Miami definitely rubs off on Fort Lauderdale – between the Ferraris, swanky brunch attire and high priced drinks … we were a bit out of a place but we had a BLAST. We started with the best 4-7PM happy hour in Ft. Lauderdale at El Camino with $2 tacos and $5 margaritas. Afterwards we hit up American Social for a classic bar experience and then headed to Rhythm and Vine for an outdoor chill vibe. Miles got yelled at by a drunk guy for ALLEGEDLY cutting him in the bar line then he bought Miles a drink… so first they’re sour then sweet? Then we headed to America’s Backyard for a pool party themed bar, where Miles got ANOTHER free beer… and guys say chicks get all the free drinks!

There was a Polynesian dance act along with FOUR bachelorette parties… definitely a popular fun spot!!

We finally ended the night with tacos and bacon guacamole. The next day we were ready to hit the beach!! The traffic on the Ft. Lauderdale beach strip was horrible (in the middle of summer!), so we decided to go down to Hollywood beach where our hotel was. The two locations seem to be polar opposites to each other. Ft. Lauderdale is overpopulated, with a road almost on the beach, and Hollywood is tranquil but almost seems abandoned. What Hollywood gains in peaceful beaches it loses in empty buildings. With the same beautiful view we gladly took the unpopular choice over the masses. The weather wasn’t the best day for the beach but it just made for better pictures!

The beaches were beautiful, clean and well kept – it made us wonder why there was so many deserted motels…

In between rain storms, we walked down the boardwalk to find a place to eat (its also bike-friendly with bike lanes!). We stopped at a hole in the wall restaurant on the beach and you could tell they didn’t get much business. The server wouldn’t even let us order the crab dip which had been sitting out for ‘too long to serve’. At least the drinks were good!

After this picture was taken we had to quickly move inside due to the typical Florida little monsoons!

We got to see quite a few interesting things while spending some time in Hollywood. We noticed a jet ski rental attendee working with a bird, yes an actual bird, chilling on his shoulder… only in Florida! But nothing could beat the view of the sunrise over the ocean.

I wasn’t expecting a family to be on the adjacent balcony when I went snapped this wearing a towel

Jenelle was able to work from the balcony and hotel pool with incredible views… when it wasn’t raining. I guess that’s just one of the differences between a tropical and desert Hollywood. Overall we had a great time seeing the night life in Ft. Lauderdale and enjoying drinks on the beach of Hollywood.


  • Fort Lauderdale is EXPENSIVE but not as bad as Miami… Check out happy hour deals otherwise expect to pay $13 for average cocktails
  • The hotspots in Ft. Lauderdale and Hollywood are either a long walk or short Uber from each other so you can hit them all in a day
  • Check out what your accommodation has to offer for working spaces – I worked in multiple spots around our hotel resort, but charging up the laptop is KEY!

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