About Us

Traveling brings people together and it certainly did that for us. We’re Jenelle and Miles and we’re just about as opposite as you could get. Never thought a Jersey girl at heart coming from the northeast would end up with a southern California boy. We started dating while living halfway across the county but we always found a way to travel together.

We hiked through the rockies in Banff (Jenelle’s favorite place)

In our first year together we visited 6 countries and more cities than we can count on our hands. We both work full time but continue to travel the world seeking beautiful views and enjoying cold drinks along the way.

We’ve done quick trips to Costa Rica – staying in beautiful resorts overlooking coves and mountains on all sides. Which sounds perfect, but the trip started with Jenelle puking over the side of the rental car while I nervously drove a stick down windy roads. Sometimes traveling is a lot a work and a little uncomfortable but it’s always worth it.

We never cleaned the puke off the car… but this is us being super touristy in Jaco, Costa Rica!

We’re not embarrassed by the good, bad and especially the ugly, because it’s all part of the fun. And who knows… maybe getting travelers diarrhea together while traveling in morocco makes you a stronger couple? I guess we’ll just have to find out!

A selfie of us riding dromedaries in the Sahara Desert (this was pre – food poisoning)

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